Exhibitors. Why exhibit at Mezcal Exhibit 2021?

Mezcal Exhibit is an annual fair of Artisanal and Ancestral Mezcal in Mexico City organized by World Trade Center, Mezcalia and mexican entrepreneurs of the spirits industry to connect Mezcal with buyers from around the world.

Mezcal Exhibit 2021 is the perfect international platform for suppliers or exhibitors looking to increase their business both national and international.

Each year, this Mezcal trade fair will host more than 100 exhibitors and around 2000 attendees to test, buy, connect, learn and grow their business.

For any Mezcal brand that seeks to start or increase its awarness in the international market there is no better place than Mezcal Exhibit 2021.

For brands thinking about exhibiting in Mezcal Exhibit 2021 there are a number of important reasons why it makes sense to secure a space in the best Mezcal International event at World Trade Center in Mexico City

Why you cannot miss Mezcal Exhibit 2021?

  • Meet with buyers in a unique face-to-face environment
  • Increase awareness in international traders about your product offerings
  • Showcase your products to decision makers
  • Sell ​​your products and tastings to consumers
  • Participate in conferences that will give you new ideas about the Mezcal industry
  • Learn from competitors
  • Opt for awards presenting your Mezcal to the Agave Awards

Mezcal Exhibit 2021. A great success

The 2021 event is based on the experience of WTC itself in this kind of exhibitions and on the expertise of Mezcalia and entrepreneurs.

We expect a record number of attendees and exhibitors. More than 100 exhibitors from all Mezcal regions will have the opportunity to meet personally with potential distributors and buyers at Mezcal Exhibit.

We expect more than 2000 people to attend the event. That makes Mezcal Exhibit one of the main events of the industry for Artisanal and Ancestral Mezcal brands looking to introduce themselves on international markets and strengthen their national business.

In addition, Mezcal Exhibit will give place to new product offerings as part of the new emerging trends on the Mezcal industry. New Wild Agaves distillates, ready to drink mixology or mezcal aged in glass, for example, are evidence of changes in consumer habits and trends  .

Timing and the great number of existing products in mezcal industry are the basis for anticipating the success of Mezcal Exhibit 2021.

International potential buyers of Mezcal

For Mezcal Exhibit 2021 exhibitors there will be a great emphasis on getting their brands and products in front of potential international buyers. There will be opportunities for mezcal brands to do tastings and hold face-to-face meetings with buyers.

Be on trend

Ultimately, becoming an exhibitor of Mezcal Exhibit 2021 is about "being on trend" in the Mezcal world, knowing the future of the mezcal industry and the profile of international consumers.

Participating in Mezcal Exhibit 2021 means being able to access a platform to present your brands to thousands of interested attendees. Having a place in Mezcal Exhibt and organizing demonstrations during the four-day event is the key to building relationships with all sectors. It is the key to generating a word of mouth with buyers, sommeliers and mixologists and vital to shape your brand.

The export challenge

We intend Mezcal Exhibit 2021 exhibitors  walk away with a better idea on ​​how to position their products in the international market and how to export them.

Many exhibitors will meet with quality buyers in the Mezcal Exhibit 2021 environment and will be able to organize follow-up meetings with them to send samples and discuss distribution. As a result of your participation, you will take concrete steps that will help you consolidate your business and increase profits.

Specialized spaces

Sotol, Raicilla and Bacanora

If you are not mezcaleros, but you produce Sotol, Raicila or Bacanora, you are invited to Mezcal Exhibit 2021. We want those other distillates, also have a space in our exhibition, to give entrance to other States of the Republic that work these handmade products.

Auxiliary Industry

If your company is a supplier of the Mezcal sector or wants to be, it also has a space in Mezcal Exhibit 2021. Glass manufacturers, caps, packaging, boxes, specialized logistics or service companies such as bottlers, now you can Participate in the most important fair in the mezcal sector. Don't miss it.

Entrepreneurs and mixologist and gastronomique artists

If you are a master mezcalero looking for investment in your brand or palenque. If you have a company of gastronomic products that are the best accompaniment for mezcal. Or if, simply,you are a mixologist and wants to show the world your art in mezcal cocktails.

Mezcal Exhibit 2021 is your site. Check the available bar spaces for Maestros Mezcaleros, Mixologists and Artisans of the Mezcal pairing.